Haworth Planes Tables

An award-winning work surface with effortless height adjustment

planes-haworth-1.jpg planes-haworth-2.jpg

The clean, elegant design of Haworth‘s Planes table suits any modern office space, but its adjustable height capability—easily switching between sitting and standing heights—puts it ergonomic leaps ahead of similar contract furniture options. Whether using a crank or electronic mechanism (there are six options in all) to raise or lower the surface throughout the day, the award-winning table “helps prevent repetitive work injuries and reduces fatigue, ultimately contributing to increased productivity and employee retention.”


Another handy feature, wheels make for effortless rearranging and reconfiguring, turning a work surface into a conference setting in seconds. Cables tuck away into cleverly-designed table legs, hiding them from view, and the table completely folds up for storage—both factors that keep to an overall streamlined aesthetic.

planes-table-close1.jpg planes-table-close2.jpg

Part of the Planes series, Haworth designed the entire collection to serve as the “office workhorse” for a line that easily adapts to various environments, truly adjusting to every need. Its multifunctional design illustrates the Holland, Michigan-based furniture manufacturer’s commitment to designing long-lasting furnishings, an eco-friendly attitude recently affirmed by achieving a zero percent landfill status for their recycling efforts.

The table comes in a variety of finishes and sizes, as well as with an optional green core made of 100% recycled tree fiber. It sells from dealers around the world.