Project A:LOG

A group of architects are creating the ultimate notebook for designers

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Three aspiring architects from Columbia’s GSAPP program, Paul Chan, Richard Angus Duff and Ebberly Strathairn took it upon themselves to end their unrewarding quest for the ultimate notebook by making their own. Part technical reference manual, part sketchbook, A:LOG simplifies the creative process by combining reference materials and a gridded sketchbook all in one beautiful and convenient travel-size notebook.


We spoke to the guys about their ultimate goal for the notebook. “We were very conscious in designing the A:LOG to be simple, intuitive and fun so everyone can have a blast designing and drawing their dream spaces without worrying about figuring how to use an architect scale.”


The first 30 pages of the book are filled and illustrated with all the best technical information that architects reference regularly—building elements, design dimensions, and living scenarios. The next 130 pages are dot-gridded at four different scales to make sketching just about anything easy. And while this notebook was designed by and for architects, A:LOG satisfies the needs and wants of a whole range of creative, DIY enthusiasts.


When you need a shot of creative inspiration, their clever illustrations will give you a little kick. For architects and designers alike, the scale figure lies at the crossroads between the architects’ most ubiquitous reference standard and the epitome of their representational style. And, like any good idea, A:LOG came up with theirs at the dinner table with a bowl of crayons–thus the Bean People were born. They likewise drew inspiration from the great Rem Koolhaas’ ever popular Delirious New York and brought his story—where the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building live in an apartment together—to life. The A:LOG team plans to post the vector files to these figures on their website soon so you can include them in your digital work as well.


Looking at the future of A:LOG, the team plans to invite different architects, designers and artists to design an entire house within a single A:LOG for an exhibition. The invited artists can draw everything from the site plan and floor plans, sections and elevations to the smallest details within a notebook. “We’re super excited about the possibilities, and can’t wait to see how architects and artists will interpret the use of the book in their own way.”

Visit A:LOG’s Kickstarter campaign to help fund the notebook.

Images courtesy of Project A:LOG