Rare, Obscure and Framed: Re-Issue Posters

Sourced from design archives and museums around the world, diverse and brilliant prints for the home or office

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Mass-produced prints add as much to a space as a tiny sprig of parsley atop an entree—sure it adds some color, but it’s far from memorable or meaningful. Ditch the cookie-cutter dorm room pop-art prints in favor of something truly unique from Re-Issue. The Melbourne, Australia-based company scours the globe for beautiful design-driven prints—many of which are the last remaining editions. Favoring museum archives and design centers, the prints span from fine art to exhibition commemoratives and even scientific conferences—all embodying rich design and iconic typefaces. Re-Issue works closely with customers to develop custom frames that accentuate the design of each poster.

Starting around $250, Re-Issue prints include framing and are (unfortunately for the rest of the world) currently only shipping within Australia. Check out the current offering of prints and if you see something you like make a move, as stock is always very limited. Have a look at the slideshow for a few of our current favorites.

Images courtesy of Re-Issue