Paper Collective Prints and Posters

A webstore that nods to Denmark's design heritage and donates at least 15% of profits to charity


Denmark has long had a reputation for good design; the country has created beautiful, functional furniture and homeware for decades. New Danish webshop Paper Collective, founded in 2013, proves that it also has a number of contemporary graphic designers and artists worthy of attention. The company sells a selection of posters by Scandinavian artists and illustrators, including Hvass & Hannibal (whose poppy, colorful designs we admired at Pick Me Up earlier this year). Paper Collective’s well-edited selection makes it easy to find new favorites, too, like 22-year old Emelie Imán, whose intricate “Babushka” and “Al Niqab Al Hamra” prints are part of a series of illustrations depicting women and ethnicities from around the world.


In addition to helping support independent artists, Paper Collective’s ethos is to donate at least 15% from each poster sold to a good cause, a concept that seems to be catching on with a number of webshops, like London’s Schooner and NYC’s Prinkshop. Thus, many contributors have paired up with different foundations to help support a cause they believe in. Part of the revenue from sales of Imán’s prints goes to the International Rehabilitation for Torture Victims and if you buy a design by Stockholm’s Form Us With Love, you support the World Wildlife Fund.

The site also nods to Denmark’s design heritage, with photos of Paper Collective’s posters framed and hung in different beautiful interiors. The images makes it easy to picture the posters in your own home, making them extra covetable. Combined with the charitable aspect, Paper Collective is a site that inspires on a number of levels.

Images courtesy of Paper Collective