ReadyMade Shrinky Sheets


Like Legos, shrinky sheets (you may remember them as ShrinkyDinks) are a grade-school era toy that's maybe even better for grown-ups. ReadyMade magazine is staging a comeback of the material with the introduction of it into their online store.

With a little inspiration and an oven, the 8½x11 sheets turn brighter, as well as shrink, harden and thicken, transforming into a key chain, fruit bowl, lamp shade or anything else you dream up. With the right finesse, they could even be used for simple prototyping. Plus, making things mini is pretty much always a good idea in our book.

Available either for use with pen and ink or in an ink-jet printer, the sheets come four to a pack (two each of clear and white) for $8 and $12 respectively from ReadyMade.