ReadyMade 100 Project Manual

DIY publishing for a DIY book

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When ReadyMade magazine recently hosted a DIY project contest, there was an overwhelming response. Enter the ReadyMade 100 Project Manual, a do-it-themselves response to making a book containing their favorite 100 reader submissions. This ingenious manual is chock full of DIY ideas both big and small to get you moving (and making) soon after reading.

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Once the decision was made, ReadyMade’s editor Andrew Wagner approached NYC’s McNally Jackson bookstore to collaborate on the project of projects with their beautiful print-on-demand Espresso Book Machine. The boutique printing press allows for each book to be made-to-order, preventing excess printing while keeping the process both economical and sustainable. By keeping printing costs down, the book sells for just $10, further proving a benefit to both the potential reader and publisher.

With the new Espresso Book Machine, McNally Jackson aims to give the power of publishing back to the author. The EBM is capable of printing library quality paperbacks in a matter of minutes. This invaluable resource can print anything in the public domain, as well as any book the publisher has granted access to, thus expanding McNally Jackson’s in store inventory to over four million potential titles. Plus allowing everyone and anyone to publish a single to hundreds of copies of their own novel or memoir.

With a fine supply of DIY projects from food to furniture, ReadyMade 100 Project Manual has something to inspire the creative side within each and every one of us. So turn off your computer and pick up a hammer. Well, first purchase the book here, then go make something.