Remake It Home: The Essential Guide to Resourceful Living


In Henrietta Thompson's thoughtful DIY book "Remake it Home: The Essential Guide to Resourceful Living," everything has a purpose. Her introductory essay traces the recent history of recycled design, citing Marcel Duchamp’s ceramic urinals and Ron Arad’s car seats as examples of essentially making something out of nothing.

"As the sun sets on the late 20th century throwaway society, these diverse traditions of recycling, reusing and reappropriating are uniting unlikely communities, across the world and across the generations," Thompson writes.

Vivid photographs document the designer creations which run the gamut from a bench made out of magazines by Mexican designer Menimal to Stuart Hagarth's chandeliers made from discarded prescription eyeglasses and Amplifier’s cheese-grater light fixture.


Twenty practical guides give step-by-step instructions for projects like make-at-home tea bags and hammocks. Chapters divided into sections— furniture, storage, lighting and accessories, textiles and soft furnishings, cleaning, appliances and household management—show that the movement provides something for everyone and everything.


Due out later this month, pre-order a copy from Amazon.