Rocio Romero: LV Series


It's an all-too-common complaint that modern prefabricated homes don't fit the utilitarian or economical requirements of the average Joe. Fortunately, these Joes have a sympathetic ear with Rocio Romero. The Missouri-based architect built her first prototype in 2000 as a Chilean vacation home for her parents, and in the last few years has seen a boom in construction of her efficient, inexpensive kit homes, with projects popping up across America.

Her latest design is the LV Series, which employs a number of environmentally-friendly design elements and aims to foster a connection to natural surroundings. The result is full of clean lines, mammoth windows and minimalist details.


Houses are also infinitely customizable and each project begins with an individual consultation. Even better, the price is attainable, with the most humble designs starting around 25 grand and sizes ranging from 625 to 1453 square feet.

Rocio Romero begins the National LV Open House Tour tomorrow (1 March 2008) in upstate New York and is planning three more events in other American locations. The New York tour is $40 and will be conducted by Romero, her staff, homeowners and contractors. Check the website for more information or purchase details.