Run Rabbit Run

Add some character to your tea service with these lively towels from the Cape Town creative studio


Cape Town-based creative studio Run Rabbit Run take their illustration and print-making skills from the digital world right into afternoon tea with their printed dish towels and napkins. Chiefly an illustration company, Run Rabbit Run’s Kirsten Beets says the team decided to “extend our product line and created something a little different from the usual prints and T-shirts” after being selected as Emerging Creatives at Cape Town’s Design Indaba.

Beets says, “I have always been interested in fabric design and I find repetitive patterns soothing on the eye. Run Rabbit Run’s first foray into fabric design was inspired by complementary colors and patterns that could be found in nature.” Complete with a hang tag so you can make sure they’re always displayed in plain sight, each towel is unique given its slight color and print variations. While the tiger and hummingbird prints were CH favorites, there is also a more traditional floral print for tea-toting traditionalists.

Each of the tea towels is available from Hello Pretty, South Africa’s online design marketplace, for 150 ZAR (about $14). For more information on Run Rabbit Run and a look at their full collection of artwork and product releases, visit them online.

Photos by Hans Aschim