City Guides: Cape Town

Plan your visit to the 2014 World Design Capital with our tips for South Africa's Mother City


Cradled by a striking 360-degree panorama of a horseshoe-shaped mountain range and the sparkling sea, Cape Town is one of the most majestic metropolises on Earth. But the city’s magnetism goes beyond its obvious visual appeal, and this year South Africa’s Mother City is being internationally recognized for its forward-thinking inhabitants. Cape Town has been selected as the 2014 World Design Capital thanks to a collective of thoughtful artists and designers there who are “using design thinking as a tool for transformation.”

While some of these ideas have taken the stage at the annual Design Indaba conference—which we’ll be at again this year—much of the community’s efforts can be seen around the city itself, from the creative team cooking up a variety of unconventional burgers at Cafe Royale or the duo producing small-batch bonbons in handsome packaging at Honest Chocolate to the shared, mix-use space at the Woodstock Foundry. We’ve included 10 jumping off points for anyone paying Cape Town a visit this year, and will be adding to it as we uncover more gems from our explorations. Keep an eye on Cape Town and see all of the selections in our Cool Hunting City Guide.

Photo by Karen Day