Sac à Baguette

The perfect pedestrian tote for the urban foodie


A fresh market tote designed for the pedestrian lifestyle, Sac à Baguette provides an effortless mode for transporting groceries or other goods, and thanks to its detachable Baguette Quiver, cylindrical items as well.

Designer Marybeth Shaw created Sac à Baguette after watching Parisians break their baguettes in half in order to fit them down inside their reusable shopping bags. She brought the idea back with her to the States (where the bags are made), and added important details like a removable liner, water resistant cotton canvas exterior and essential zippered pockets.


Sac à Baguette comes in three colorways—San Francisco, New York and Rotterdam (picture in that order from left to right above)—and is sold online. Prices span $299 for the bag and $329 for the bag and leather Baguette Quiver combo.