Sahn Classic

Equestrian-style helmets for the urban bike rider


After working for 10 years at Predator creating protective gear for water sports and skateboarding, designer Matt Kelly wanted to work on a different kind of project. Partnering with Sen-Huy Tan, a friend and a noted industry designer, the duo set to work designing a helmet that balanced protection and style, and came up with the Sahn Classic.

Launched out of the pair’s studio in Vancouver, the Sahn Classic is a hybrid between a traditional cyclist helmet and an equestrian model. Sahn’s products are geared away from professional and competitive cyclists, instead built for urban and lifestyle riders who use bikes as a means of transportation and pleasure rather than strict exercise and racing. The sleek and solid Sahn Classic is completely certified for cycling, although its lipped front makes it looks more suited to horseback riding.


The Sahn Classic comes in a variety of solid colors, many of which are also available in a matte finish, while Kelly and Tan are also collaborating with artists like Carson Ting of Chairman Ting Industries to expand its range of styles. Sahn’s helmets have just hit the market and will soon be available for purchase via their online shop for $129. If you are in Vancouver, you can pick up one of Sahn’s helmets now at Walrus.