Salt Mountains

An infographic showing the startling sodium levels in processed and packaged foods


A helping of bread crumbs has fourteen times more sodium than potato chips? Good Magazine helps answer such questions with a surprising look at the salt levels in some of America’s favorite eats in an infographic by Next Generation Food. As expected, fast food burgers rank among the worst offenders—three of the four included are loaded with around 1,500mg of salt—but canned soups like chicken noodle and cream of mushroom don’t lag far behind, hovering around 1,000mg per serving. More worrying, the average American consumes 4,500 mg of sodium daily, over double the recommended amount.

While the infographic looks beautiful (click above for a larger view), the figures don’t, and the FDA plans to evaluate thousands of processed and packaged food items, placing caps on how much sodium they can legally contain.