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Sempli + Joseph Ribic Bottle Openers

Product designer Daniele Semeraro taps fellow Accademia Italiana alum to collaborate on these minimal, stylish drink accessories

sempli-ribic-bottle-opener-2.jpg sempli-ribic-bottle-opener-1.jpg

Best known for its stemless, virtually floating Cupa glass series, LA-based design house Sempli has devoted itself to creating products that combine simplistic functionality with what Sempli founder Daniele Semeraro calls an “Italian style and elegance.” Semeraro returns to his Italian design school roots once again by tapping fellow Accademia Italiana alum Joseph Ribic to collaborate on two new stainless steel bottle openers—the Solvo and Orbo—for Sempli.

Coming from a similar philosophy of minimalist style, Ribic’s background as a furniture designer brings a certain sturdiness to Sempli’s more delicate aesthetic. The Solvo has a traditional, oblong bartender’s beer bottle opener appearance, while the Orbo has a bit of a more artistic character in its distinct, oblique shape. Both pay tribute to Sempli by incorporating a circular design that “mimics the path of the Cupa’s swirling rotation” of wine.

The Solvo ($35) and Orbo ($55) bottle openers are available at Sempli’s online store.

Images courtesy of Sempli


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