Seven Skulls For Halloween and Beyond

From jewelry to home decor, spooky items that last long after October 31

For those hosting a grown-up Halloween get-together or who want to get into the spooky spirit without ending up at a giant party store sifting through tacky disposable decorations, “sexy” costumes and fake pumpkin-scented candles, we’ve tracked down seven sinister but ultimately fun items. Nothing speaks to the macabre like a skull, and while they are seasonally relevant, there’s staying power. Set the scary season mood with these skulls that you won’t have to hide away after 31 October.

Skull Jingle Bell

NYC-based artist and designer Michele Quan’s skull jingle bell ($290) is as creepy as it is usable. The porcelain bell, tied to a six foot long hemp rope, is embellished with a single jewel on the skull’s forehead. Hang it outside to intimidate the trick-or-treaters, and maybe even a few flying reindeer as well.

WTF Porcelain Custom Skull Dinnerware

Perfect for a memorable dinner party, these gold skull dishes ($30) aren’t meant for display only, but to be eaten off with gusto (as long as you don’t microwave it). Under the name WTF Porcelain, Portland, Oregon-based Yvonne Angioletti draws the skulls herself and kiln-fires the resulting decal to the plate at high temperatures, bonding it to the porcelain surface permanently: till death do them part. And if nothing suits your fancy (or party decor), Angioletti accepts custom requests.

Grimace Pillow Cover

Though it bears a big, awkward frown, the Grimace Pillow Cover ($80) from Ohio-based shop DittoHouse is sure to draw nothing but smiles. It’s been hand-knitted from a blend of recycled cotton and polyester fibers, meaning that no extra water, pesticides or dyes were used in its creation. The goofy, emoji-esque case can snugly fit an 18-by-18 inch pillow (purchased separately).

Skull Lamp

Nir Chehanowski’s mind-bending Skull Lamp ($120) might look completely three dimensional, but it’s actually constructed from a single 2D acrylic sheet. The Israel-based designer uses precise, laser-cut lines to trick the eye into perceiving a round skull, deep eye sockets and a sharp jawline, all while LED lights provide a gentle ambient glow.

Silver Skull Cufflinks

Known for their clever combination of sculpture and light, Tim Noble and Sue Webster have taken a simple accessory, the cufflink, and turned it into a small-scale work of art. Formed from solid white gold, their Skull Cufflinks ($8,450) add a raw yet refined detail to any sleeve. The ghoulish links have been limited to an edition of just 10, explaining the hefty price tag.

Mini Skull Ring

Handmade in either sterling silver or 10k gold, Talon’s skull ring ($188) is equal parts pretty and spooky. With Australian opals for eyeballs, the miniature skull sits atop a delicate band and will hopefully ward off all kinds of ghostly entities this Halloween.

The Jacks Crying Candle

Having reached 670% of their Kickstarter goal at the end of August, South Korea’s The Jacks will soon be sending their mischievous “crying candles” all over the world. Light up the brain-shaped candle (available in different bright colors and scents) and watch it melt through the eye holes of the ceramic skull over time. Crying never smelled so good.

Images courtesy of respective brands