Steve “ESPO” Powers Note Cards

The beloved NYC artist releases a set of syrupy sweet greeting cards


Beloved NYC-based artist Steve “Espo” Powers—famous for his very public love letters on walls from Philadelphia to Coney Island—officially retired from the graffiti game way back in 1999, but thankfully he continues to share his art with the world. Most recently, on his list of creations: a set of 12 notecards and envelopes that are launching today, 3 February. In his typically simple but entirely sweet style, Powers offers a very cute and charming way to show your affection—or “Love in Letters.”

Based on Powers’ “daily metaltations” (some of which are available as limited edition prints) the sentiments are sincere and universal. From “Weather together” to “I pay the light bill just to see your face” these cards are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion you want make a loved one smile.

A set of 12 notecards and envelopes is available

online for $15.

Photos by Hans Aschim