Artist Towels by The World’s Best Ever

A collection of useful works of art with proceeds going to a good cause

In addition to his recent gallery opening, focused around the study of characters, The World’s Best Ever founder Dave Wilfert has another collaborative project worth paying attention to—and it’s for a noble cause. The FORBRADLEYCARBONE summer 2015 beach towels, which Wilfert helped to orchestrate, feature the art of three of today’s best creators: Michael Kagan, Curtis Kulig and Steve “ESPO” Powers. On top of that, they are heavyweight jacquard woven and more than substantial in size. Most importantly, the proceeds from each sale directly support a fund to cover the medical expenses of Bradley Carbone, who suffered a snowboarding-related spinal injury last year.

“Throughout the course of my recovery, friends in the New York community and beyond have been kind to help me raise money. Proceeds from this project go to a fund that assists with my ongoing medical care and that will allow me to participate in experimental research as new programs come on line,” Carbone shares with CH. “Special thanks to Curtis Kulig, Michael Kagan, and Stephen Powers who were kind to donate their artwork, and also thank you to each of you who take the time to check out this project,” he furthers. These are beautiful, limited edition towels, and the money is headed somewhere truly worthwhile.

Each towel is available for purchase at the FORBRADLEYCARBONE website, where they retail for $100.

Images courtesy of The World’s Best Ever