Suwada Blacksmith Works

Japanese bonsai shears handcrafted with 85 years of experience


Following in the tradition and quality of Japanese metal and blade manufacturing Suwada Blacksmith Works has been crafting the the highest quality bonsai shears and cutters since 1926. Simply but elegantly designed for function-specific use, the tools are comfortable to use and beautiful to look at.


Working in Sanjo, Japan—a small town known for its long history of blacksmiths— Suwada crafts bonsai shears for shaping and pruning, satsuki scissors for bud nipping and purpose specific cutters for branches, knobs and wires for keeping your beloved bonsai in perfect form. Boasting an underlying motto that in order for one to create beauty one must use beautiful tools, all of Suwada’s specialty products are as exceptionally elegant as they are functional. Sharp as a samurai sword and precise as surgical instruments, these fine shears are likely to add an extra bit of zen to your bonsai sculpting.


Suwadasu Blacksmith Works also manufactures nail clippers and a unique twisted crutch as well as various other beauty instruments. You can order online (in Japanese only but Google’s Chrome browser does a great job translating), or contact Suwada directly.