Good Luck Jewelry

Ward off evil and bad vibes with these beautiful designs

From nazars to horseshoes and the Eye of Horus, almost every culture has a symbol of luck and protection that is meant to ward off the negative vibes and welcome the good. While lucky charms can be tacky, they can also be a stunning accessory that imparts individuality. To protect you from evil this Friday the 13th, CH editors have trawled the internet to find some beautifully designed, re-imagined versions of the age-old talisman. Whether you’re superstitious or just “sort of stitious,” it never hurts to hedge your bets. And with these selections, you’ll look good along the way.


Equestrian Ring

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Margaret Cross makes several versions of this “braided” horseshoe ring, but this one—complete with Malachite—is meant to be extra lucky. The semi-precious stone has protective qualities; to ward off evil and dangers during travel, in particular. This one-of-a-kind, solid silver ring is available for $150.


Force Field Necklace

Every piece in the American-made jewelry line AØKO SU feels like a contemporary talisman of some sort. However simple they appear, the architectural lines in Ashley Jerma’s minimalist cuffs, rings and necklaces speak grand words. Her bronze-gold Force Field necklace ($174) may look delicate, but channels strength and security.


Rabbit Foot Ring

Danish jewelry designer Jane Kønig’s blend of geometry and organic forms have established legions of devotees in both Scandinavia and abroad. In her collaboration with blogger Marie Jedig (founder of Vilde Kaniner which translates to Wild Rabbits), Kønig channels a rigid, wilderness aesthetic. The Rabbit Foot Ring ($105) with its angular visuals brings equal amounts good vibes and style points to any look.


Little Luck Earrings

Long a symbol of luck and fortune, the powers of a horseshoe are considered vast: attributed to magical blacksmith origins, (lucky number) seven holes for nails and even the strength in its usual source material: iron. With the Little Luck Earrings ($40), from design company By Boe, a shimmering horseshoe stands out atop vintage black glass. They’re simple but stunning—and they hopefully carry all that power that their iconography implies.

Images courtesy of respective brands