The Haas Brothers Volume 1

A beautiful, comprehensive monograph accompanying the artists' solo NYC show


With wildly imaginative designs and an eye for material, The Haas Brothers have been redefining home decor, art and furniture since 2010. Whether they’re tackling sexuality, science fiction or wild animals across vases, benches and lamps, each piece in their portfolio represents a distinct vision and care for the craft. Accompanying their first ever solo NYC exhibition, “Cool World,” debuting on 4 November 2014 at R & Company Gallery, they’re releasing a stunning monograph entitled The Haas Brothers Volume 1. Their art, over 176 full color pages, is accompanied by a foreword from R & Company founders Evan Snyderman and Zesty Meyers and essays by actress Laura Dern and designer Berthold Haas.


The exhibition itself will feature never before seen works, and a comprehensive collection of pieces across all their acclaimed series. The range of art shown aims to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the brother’s catalog. Beast series furniture—a beautiful amalgamation of functional benches and stools with the body structure and attributes of wild animals—will rest along a dinner table setting. Their installation, the highly sexual Advocates for the Sexual Outsider, will be seen for the first time since this year’s Design Miami/Basel. Handmade oddities across all their artistic pursuits will dot the space between, including new Accretion ceramics, which have become known for their “growth-like” texturing.


All these works, and more, are visible in The Haas Brothers Vol. I monograph. There, the LA-based fraternal twins shed light on their inspirations and interests. And even offer context on the works within each series. While their art has been shown around the world, it’s not always easy to pop over and see it. This book, co-published by R & Company and Damiani, definitely delivers their wild wonders.

“Cool World” will be on view at R & Company from 4 November 2014 through 10 January 2015. You can purchase The Haas Brothers Volume 1 online through R &Company online for $50.

Images by Cool Hunting