The Psychology of Color Pencil Set

From adventure to ambiguity, this creative tool kit from The School of Life will get you thinking—and drawing


Insisting that not only children should relish the joy that is a box of sharp color pencils, The School of Life has released a lovely set—albeit a somewhat grown-up version. The 12-piece The Psychology of Color pencil set spans the regular hues, but instead of being labeled with the brand or the color name, each is emblazoned with a deeper and more thought-provoking word. Each color is matched with a feeling or memory and they are all explained in the booklet about the psychology of color.

Evidently, orange is connected with vitality; green with sanity and realism; while ambiguity is most closely associated with purple. Whether doodling on a notepad or creating your latest masterpiece, working with these pencils is sure to inject a little extra imagination and inspiration into your sketches.

The Psychology of Color pencil set is available online from The School of Life for £18.

Images courtesy of The School of Life