The William and Mary Chair

Context Furniture's layered wood seating with a 17th century profile


Combining the silhouette of a 17th-century classic with modern composition, Context Furniture‘s layered William and Mary side chair takes the reinterpretation of historical lines to a new level. With legs molded after the traditional shapes of the William and Mary style, but produced with compressed ply, the clean lines update the look for today and add some conceptual interplay.

Layered sheets of Baltic birch with either maple or walnut veneer lends a striking variegated appearance, referencing the material’s origins by suggesting a tree’s rings.

Michigan-based husband-and-wife team Bryce and Kerry Moore started the design process with an outline of an object’s iconic form to capture the essence of the object.

Merging industrial with both natural and mass production, as well as hand-craftsmanship, the chair seamlessly marries Bryce’s background in sculpture and furniture design with Kerry’s focus on graphics.


The William and Mary chair ($1,078) along with Context Furniture’s entire collection sells online from DesignPublic.