Three Ergonomic Desk Additions

Improve your posture or actively engage your core while you work with these simple workplace accessories

It’s no secret that prolonged periods of sitting isn’t good for one’s health. Hammering away at a keyboard for hours on end is a new phenomenon in the scope of human evolution, and research shows our bodies aren’t made for the sedentary life. Heightened cardiovascular disease and colon cancer top the list of potential hazards associated with repeated sedentary behavior, which also include osteoporosis and slower brain function. As computers play a central role in many of our work lives, making one’s desk set-up as ergonomic as possible is a longterm investment that not only pays off in health status, but could improve the very quality of one’s work. Here are three relatively simple, noncommittal additions to taking steps toward a healthier day at the office.


Stand Stand

A permanent standing set-up might be a drastic change for most, as premium adjustable models are a hefty investment. Instead, ease into standing lifestyle with the aptly named Stand Stand ($69). Available in three sizes to suit a range of heights, the laser-cut birch stand is a sturdy solution for laptop users to stay light on their toes. Conveniently, the Stand Stand breaks down into three pieces for easy flat-pack storage when not in use.



If full-time standing isn’t in the mix, laptop and tablet stands are a quick and easy way to improve the ergonomics of working. While stands have been around for years, few match the portability, utility and simplicity of SUAS (€40) from Dublin, Ireland-based Killotech. Compatible with all retina MacBooks and iPads, the SUAS is precision-machined from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and breaks down into two pieces for easy packing. Extremely lightweight at just 165 grams, the SUAS is perfect for improving posture at your desk and when working on the road.


Technogym Wellness Ball

We first came across Technogym’s active sitting Wellness Ball (£263) on a visit to their global headquarters in Cesena, Italy—where you won’t find very many ancient four-legged sitting contraptions. The balls are so embraced by the wellness company’s staff that many have taken to using them at home as well as the office. Designed with extensive kinesiology research, the sleek Italian-made ball and nautical-graded slip cover features patented double density stability for safety. The ball naturally improves posture and encourages the use of core muscles when sitting. Plus, it’s easy to throw in a few stretches while using the Wellness Ball, something the old office chairs don’t lend themselves particularly well to.

SUAS image courtesy of Killotech, all others by Hans Aschim