Humanscale’s QuickStand

Minimal and wildly functional, this flexible platform makes any surface into a sit/stand workstation

Sponsored by Humanscale

Many of us long for jobs that don’t require sitting down for eight (or more) hours a day. For those who don’t want to change what they do, just how they do it, Humanscale‘s QuickStand is the latest in their line of products that changes your seated workspace into one that easily and quickly converts to a standing one. We’ve been testing it out at Cool Hunting HQ and have found ourselves happily standing for hours at a time. Switching positions takes only a few seconds with a gentle lift or press on the handles, and the QuickStand‘s simple, minimal design doesn’t interfere with your office décor or take up too much space. It rests on the flat surface of your workspace, and a gentle pull brings your laptop, keyboard, mouse and display to your desired height.

Gone are the days of stacking your computer on a pile of books. Humanscale is a leader in office ergonomics and their mission is to have our workplaces adapt to us—resulting in healthier bodies and minds, extra comfort and, overall, better attitudes toward coming into the office each morning. The QuickStand can move with or without your screen, so as your weight shifts and the day goes by, you can continue adjusting the system.

The QuickStand is an adjustable platform that turns any regular desk into a standing desk. It rests at desk level and easily slides up and down to suit your comfort and height. It’s great for sharing, and doesn’t require any tools or trickery to set up. The QuickStand can be used with an all-in-one computer like an Apple iMac, with a laptop and a display, or with a display connected to a pc. It can even support two displays. Attaching a display is easy too (though some, like the Apple Display, require an additional mount). Cable management is a breeze with custom cable sets that support display, DVI, VGA or HDMI connections and also include USB connections.

The minimal design of the QuickStand also appeals to us. From the simple colorways (black or white, each with gray trim) and the hidden space to thread cables, it’s a high-tech product that remains sleek without adding clutter to your desk. We found it surprisingly comfortable to stand for hours at the QuickStand; multiple people shared the same desk and we were each able to easily adjust it to suit our needs.

There’s no doubt that standing for a few hours a day is better for you and we can attest to genuinely feeling a difference—whether due to less lower back pain for some of us, to a generally better mood in others.

Humanscale’s QuickStand is available in black or white and comes with two USB cables, a power cable and your choice of a DVI, VGA, HDMI or display port connection for each monitor. Because it is placed on top of your workspace and not permanently attached, it’s easy to move it around as desired. Prices start at $699, a reasonable amount to invest in your health and wellbeing.

Images by Cool Hunting