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Three Nature-Inspired Lamps


100% Design, the London design fest's main event, usually focuses on the slick and often boring end of the market, but this year these three lamps stood out from the crowd for their beautifully simple organic forms.

Diffuse. Their minimal forms with beautiful textures and floral details (pictured above left and right) are elegantly understated additions to any room.


FOC (or Freedom Of Creation) is a Finnish/Dutch design team who use a specialized Laser Sintering process—a machine that builds up a computer-drawn form in layers—enabling infinitely complex natural forms (pictured above right and left).

Kiwi designer Jeremy Cole made a splash in 2005 with the debut of his sensuous "Aloe" collection, which he's expanding this year with the introduction of his "Blossom Noir" lamp (pictured above center). Handmade from porcelain, Jeremy's Aloe lamps are inspired by the Agave plant, "a tropical cactus with distinctive fleshy-leaved flowers that lend themselves perfectly to sculptural lighting."


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