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TOG: All Creators Together

A simple, yet innovative approach to home decor, customization and great design


The dream of many a design enterprise—the best designers, meaningful materials, Italian production, a community of fans, reinterpretations made by artists—TOG is all of this, and more. “All creators together” is the idea behind this new design adventure by Brazilian company Grendene, just launched at Milan Design Week.


The concept is simple, but innovative. Every TOG product—tables to bar stools and shelving units—can be purchased (in stores or online) and then customized in different ways: by choosing colors, forms, prints or by selecting an artist through the dedicated app. This is certainly the most interesting aspect of the entire operation; the possibility to transform objects created by the likes of Philippe Starck, Sebastian Bergne, Sam Hecht & Kim Colin of Industrial Facility and more.

Most of the products are made out of plastic (like the Castable set of tables by Maggiar, or the Joa Sekoia family by Starck) and some highlights are the Captain Surf table/bookshelf by Jonathan Bui Quang Da and the Polo Treto table (with a wooden top) designed by Nicola Rapetti.


Nicola Rapetti, who’s also TOG’s design research development director, tells CH of the interesting approach, “We don’t want to judge creativity; we want our customers to be free to make whatever they want, even though we may think it’s ugly.”

In the future, the 3D files of each piece will be available for download, to allow anyone to print TOG’s objects at home. Sales will begin over the next months, it will be interesting to see how consumers will react to the creative freedom they’re offered with this structured new reality.

Photos by Paolo Ferrarini


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