Tourneau for (RED)

Two special editions help fund the fight against AIDS

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Tourneau has proven its unparalleled prowess over the past century, producing impeccably crafted timepieces that will keep ticking for ages. The esteemed watch retailer provides its international fan base with its own Swiss-made watch collection, the TNY Series, which offers classic styles and more modern looks such as the Rush Hour. Tourneau’s ascendancy can be accredited to its quality of construction as well as its elegant design.

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Now, using its venerable stature for good, Tourneau has announced a collaboration with the (RED) Campaign to join the global fight against AIDS. The two models released for the partnership include the (TOURNEAU)RED Special Edition 40mm Automatic with an automatic movement and stainless steel case with a black dial and crocodile strap accented with the campaign’s signature scarlet hue. The smaller Special Edition (TOURNEAU)RED 35mm features a quartz movement and stainless steel case with red numerals and crocodile strap.

Tourneau recently showed its support by sponsoring the (RED) Rush to Zero Campaign, which consisted of several fundraising events, including the Cash & Rocket (RED) Road Tour from London to Monte Carlo. At the end of the European vintage road race the two premiere watches were auctioned to the highest bidder, and all proceeds were donated to The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. “It is an honor for Tourneau to partner with (RED) and we are proud to debut these two very special timepieces that will serve as a lasting reminder of the importance of the fight against AIDS,” says Tourneau CEO Jim Seuss. “The (RED) Foundation is unparalleled in its devotion to this worthy cause, and Tourneau is grateful for the opportunity to make a significant impact through support of The Global Fund.”

The special edition 40mm and 35mm Tourneau (RED) watches are available online for $1,950 and $1,250.