Tourneau TNY Collection

Modern design and age-old craftsmanship run seamlessly together in the brand's latest line of watches

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Known by many to be the premier retailer of timepieces in the world, Tourneau‘s legacy in the world of horology is as reliable as the finest Swiss-made watch. From this strong foundation as a credible and storied brand emerges a line of watches under the Tourneau name that draws from the company’s heritage and history while exploring the simplicity and power of modern design.


While the watch market has been revitalized by an increased interest in quality timepieces, thanks in part to the exponential growth of the menswear industry, there remains a lack of forward-thinking tempered by an appropriate dose of restraint in the field of watch design. Many brands are happy to recycle their archives repeatedly, while others obsess with pushing the boundaries of horological construction. Tourneau’s line occupies a perfect middle-ground that captures the need for sophistication without talking down to or intimidating customers.


“As we see our retail concept evolving into a fun and contemporary experience we want a collection that can represent this and that can convey these values to our customers,” says Gianluca Maina, Tourneau’s brand director. The watches of the TNY Series comprise a range of price points, and the higher-end models stand up to much more expensive brands in terms of quality and construction. Cases, for instance, are made from a unique seamless process and elements are bonded with distinct lugs.


The goal, Maina says, was to ensure that there was a blend of modernity and boldness in each piece. Many of the timepieces feature a mix of textures, and the interplay between brushed and polished metals is a subtle detail that will delight both the wearer and keen observers. One of the most stunning watches features a mix of rose gold and steel, embodying perfectly the collection’s ability to expertly tread the line between sophistication and accessibility. Gianluca says, “At Tourneau, we are driven by passion for watchmaking. We intentionally created a collection that combines the modern and functional with the most traditional art of watchmaking.”