Valentine’s Day Cards

Witty words to go with the gift you hopefully already bought


If you were snoozing when we launched our guide on ways to woo your Valentine this year, time is unfortunately no longer on your side. Sure, you still can easily scoop up an edible arrangement or a set of sexy lingerie on your way home from work come this Thursday, but for those seeking to show off their thoughtful side, finding a suitable sentiment expressed on a bit of paper may be your best bet yet.

While we favor the humorous ruminations by stationery savants like Lazy Oaf, Sad Shop (pictured here), Darkroom and Dearly and this season, Baron von Fancy, there are countless cards and ways of telling someone special how much you care on this day of romantic affections.

Check out our selection of Valentine’s Day gifts to get inspired for a trip to your local stationery shop or a night of crafting your own design. Whether you spell it out in candy hearts or tattoo it on your arm, it’s never too late to let someone know you care.