Ten antiques less than $200 from the online destination for vintage and modern homewares

Founded in 2006, VandM (Vintage and Modern) is a membership-based online sales site with a passion for treasures from the past, specializing in unique and original furniture, household goods, jewelry and textiles. VandM provides insightful editorial notes to inspire and educate members about most pieces available for sale. While browsing VandM’s wide selection we selected 10 of our favorite antiques priced less than $200.

VandM-head-sculpture.jpg VandM-photo.jpg

The Vintage Terracotta Head and signed Op-Art abstract photograph stand out in the art and photography section. The unglazed bust seems at once rustic and mysterious, while the signed 16″x16″ print—dated 1969—shares a similar color palette to work by famed Danish designer Verner Panton.

VandM-chairs-2.jpg VandM-table-on-wheels.jpg

An elegant pair of Willy Guhl Dietker & Co chairs by the Swiss architect and furniture designer were produced by Deitker & Co. in 1959, and for just $200 for the set represent an excellent deal. Juxtaposing the classic mid-century style is a industrial work station on wheels, with cast-iron legs and wooden shelves for $185.

VandM-chart.jpg VandM-pillows.jpg

Falling under the category of “found object of industry,” this large, 1950s-era botanical chart ($200) from Dr. Louis Auzoux offers easy-to-read scientific illustrations of nine intriguing species of flora. On the other hand, the Op-Art bull’s-eye-patterned velvet pillows—only available in the 20″x14″ size for $180—hail from the bold-design era of the 1960s. Each cushion is hand-sewn in Zurich, Switzerland with premium vintage fabric.


This Swiss-made adjustable table lamp and Wilhelm Kienzie-designed metal storage box follow the Bauhaus design mantra that form should equal function, and each is beautifully crafted for maximum use. Both items retail for $180.

VandM-lamp-red.jpg VandM-silverwear.jpg

With the characteristic flare of its country of origin, the single statement-making vintage Italian glass lamp, priced at $195, remains in excellent condition. A set of antique Bakelite flatware features classic two-tone color combination of opaque honey and translucent dark teal. Dating back to the 1940s, this stainless steel set serves six and comes in its original box for $145.