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An Atypical NYC Souvenir Pop-Up, Open This Week

The shop will feature anecdotal totes and t-shirts

In the heart of NYC’s Chinatown, a tiny pop-up shop hosted by Verdes (a marketing and innovation consultancy with offices on Canal St) will sell customized New York City souvenirs for the next five days. Known as Today in New York, aka TINY, the store aims to compete with generic tourist buys (like NYPD shirts or I Heart NY tees) by way of tops and totes that record facts from the visitor’s day.

The pop-up’s organizers describe the experience as a collaborative process. “Today in New York is a prompt; we print each customer’s answer on his/her choice of a T-shirt or tote bag,” they say. “On the back of each item is a receipt of sale with the following information: customer ID, product number, time of purchase, and weather.”

The final product is then something that documents the visitor’s experience—their mood, the time, the weather. It’s a personal anecdote of the visit—not an overreaching accessory that buyers barely associate with the city.

Today in New York  will be open daily from 11AM to 7PM, through 17 August, at 167 Canal St. The totes and T-shirts are $15 each.

Image and video courtesy of Today in New York.

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