Vessel Series

Three glass pendants showcasing the lightbulb's illusory qualities


Not content with just redesigning a lightbulb (see the low-energy Plumen 001, which debuted earlier this year), Samuel Wilkinson came up with Vessel series, three mouth-blown forms that celebrate the bulb’s ability to create distinct illusions.


Blown without a mold, each piece is unique in its shape but all reference a traditional “ship in a bottle” form. When lit, the glass mutes the light without completely hiding the bulb’s structure, resulting in unexpected reflections that “appear holographic.”


The beautifully executed glass forms all hang as pendants, with two (the green and black tints) doubling as floor or table lights thanks to the irregular angle they are cut on. Exclusive to Britain’s furniture and design showcase Decode, the Vessel series is currently up for auction through the Shoreditch Ball.