Victorinox x Yuhzimi: Urban Survivor


Swiss-based "interdisciplinary task force" Yuhzimi paired up with the 100-year old Victorinox to create a limited edition line of these artist-designed "Urban Survivor" pocket knives. Maharishi dressed theirs up with their trademark camo, WK Interact's features an abstract figure and a signature on the blade, and Fafi adorns the classic red with one of her heart-cheeked girls. Each features a different set of tools and all come with a custom-designed chain and package. Retailing for $89, only 200 of each will be made and they will debut at Fafi's opening this coming Monday at Colette in Paris, following sometime next month at 8Five2 in Hong Kong, Maharishi in London, Trust Nobody in Barcelona, 90sqm in Amsterdam, Evil Monito Co-op in Los Angeles, Greyone in Pasadena, Nomad in Toronto, and more to come. See some detail and Cool Hunting exclusive behind-the-scenes shots after the jump.

Fafi Back
Fafi Front-1
Maha Back
Maha Front
Wk Back
Wk Front