WATG + Wimberly Interiors Host The Great Architectural Bake-Off

Cakes in the shapes of some of the world's most iconic buildings and monuments

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It’s Archtober—NYC’s annual celebration of architecture—and this week held the second annual installment of one of our favorite design competitions: WATG + Wimberly Interiors‘ Great Architectural Bake-Off. Last year we were on hand to judge; this year we were present to admire while many renowned names in architecture and design baked off. As one would expect, the goal here is to recreate an iconic building or monument from cake and other edible dessert items. But, the resulting structure also has to taste good. Hosted at The Center for Architecture, the teams built the Guggenheim, McDonald’s, Pennovation, Bird’s Nest Stadium, 56 Leonard Street’s TriBeCa Tower and the upcoming Convention Center in Adelaide, Australia. The team from Davis Brody Bond took won with their replica of The Smythsonian of African American History and Culture—which they dedicated to J.Max Bond Jr. That said, the effort everyone put into such stunning creations is what truly makes the event special.

Images courtesy of Sam Deitch