Wood at the 2007 London Design Festival


The recent revival of natural aesthetics continued at all the shows during the London Design Festival, highlighting the new awareness of eco-friendly design. Whether in floral patterns, organic forms or just in materials, the environment was clearly an inspiration and wood was everywhere. Here are five of our favorites.

The "Made in Denmark" stand at 100% Futures was one of the highlights at the 100% Design show. Thomas Bentzen's Pine chair, with its great contrast of angular geometric form with soft, warm pine wood, was just one of many beautiful pieces of Danish wooden furniture on show.

Ryan Frank's Bourke's Luck chair was the sleekest design on show at SIT UP, [re] Design's exhibit at 100% Futures. Made from the reclaimed chipboard of discarded office furniture this chair makes eco-design look good and deceptively easy. (Below right.)


At Designer's Block, Heather Smith's beautiful "Come Rain or Come Shine" project emerged seductively from the dimly lit space. This textile designer has begun to experiment with patterns on solid materials. These studded metal designs on oak and birch panels were the result of letting "nature take its course." (Far left.)

Jon Male's reinterpretation of the collector's cabinet made a big impact at Tent London. His extraordinary craftsmanship can be seen in "They All Flew From The Cuckoo's Nest." (Below right.)


On a smaller scale but no less dramatic, emerging designer Anthony Roussel's laser cut wooden jewelry, was also a highlight at Tent London. He says, "The jewelry I create functions as sculptural objects as well as wearable pieces of body adornment in their own right…The tactile, symbolic and inherent qualities of wood appeal to me. Its smell, texture and grain draw me closer to working with it." (Above right.)

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