Turn Digital Art into Textiles with WOVNS

Made-to-order fabric featuring your own unique designs

The barrier between personal designs and tangible textile production has been further reduced. WOVNS, recently fully funded on Kickstarter, has launched a platform for emerging designers—or anyone with a vision—to see their work come to life. One only needs to upload files of their digital designs, select from two fabric qualities and commence. It’s a made-to-order production of entirely custom textiles—whose applications can range from scarves and bags to dresses, pillows and other homewares. And WOVNS guides people step-by-step along the way.

All of the WOVNS textiles are manufactured in the US by way of Jacquard weaving, all on looms in a patent-pending method. This allows for production to scale up easily—with a minimum purchase being only one yard of fabric. It also means these are not topical applications of design, but actually woven images. Founders Dena and Chelsea Molnar (identical twin sisters) are veterans of the New York design industry. Together they sought to develop a system that enables creativity, access and immediacy. But there’s another benefit, as well: reduced waste. With such precise control over how much of any textile is produced, independent designers can acquire only exactly what they need. Altogether, it’s a first-of-its-kind platform with many obvious benefits.

Explore WOVNS‘s platform and process online.

Images courtesy of WOVNS