Xeric’s Unusual, Affordable Soloscope Automatic Watch

Watchismo's latest limited edition mechanical creation hits Kickstarter

By proximity alone the team at Watchismo has horological inspiration enough to imagine a watch of uncommon technical virtue. Longtime hunters and gatherers of unique timepieces for their retail site, the brand began developing and launching proprietary pieces—under the name of Xeric—on Kickstarter three years ago. The latest, known as the SOLOSCOPE, continues along a path of curious design, quality materials and technical innovation. It’s their third piece to shatter (already) Kickstarter goals and the reasoning behind it is clear: these are strange-looking automatic timepieces at a price point one won’t find anywhere else.

The SOLOSCOPE, however, distances itself from the previous Xeric offerings. Yes, the design is striking and uncommon, with a one hand only time indicator, wherein the tip encircles the hour and simultaneously points to minutes. The other half of the face exposes twin balances wheels, allowing for a glimpse at what’s offering it power. There are an array of colorways for the case, from gold to gunmetal but all of the pieces fall on Horween leather straps. Most people who understand the value of an automatic mechanical timepiece will spend a thousand or more dollars for something with a run face that blends in with the rest. Xeric’s latest is an opportunity at wearing something that stands out from the rest.

You can grab ahold of a limited edition automatic Xeric SOLOSCOPE on Kickstarter for $399 at time of publish.

Images courtesy of Watchismo