Watchismo’s Unusual Mechanical Watch: The Halograph

The brand returns to Kickstarter with an affordable timepiece


For over 15 years, the folks behind watch retailer Watchismo have searched for some of the most interesting timepieces on the market to put in their online store. In 2013, however, they stormed the internet in a new way and founded their own brand Xeric, taking to Kickstarter and raising almost half a million dollars. The resulting timepiece, the Xeriscope, was something to marvel at—and so is their second design, The Halograph.


This 46mm orb case, complete with domed crystal, carries a mechanical automatic movement. The engaging “Halo Hands” hover over numerals placed in a series of lines, and encircle both the hour and minute. It’s clever and very distinct, while being easy to read. The face also incorporates an exhibition window so that a portion of the movement is visible—further highlighting the majesty of a mechanical watch. With battery life commonly an issue with wearables and smartwatches, Xeric’s latest reminds people that movement alone keeps a mechanical watch alive. All of this also comes at a price uncommonly low for an automatic timepiece.

Get your own Halograph by supporting the brand’s Kickstarter with a $369 pledge.

Images courtesy of Watchismo