You and Me, The Royal We

A literally woodsy belt buckle, a map for plotting world domination, brutally direct cards, and more


Given the state of the world, we could all do with some levity. That’s where You and Me, The Royal We comes in. Conceived by Brooklyn studio mates Oliver Jeffers, Mac Premo and Aaron Ruff of Digby and Iona (which we featured here), the recently-launched collective’s cheeky sense of humor unites the line of seemingly disconnected products.


Poking a little fun at recent men’s fashion trends, the woodgrain belt and bark buckle ($90) makes an accessoire de rigueur for the aspiring urban lumberjack—naturally, the buckle is real bark. A boxed set of standard No. 2 pencils ($22) comes emblazoned with the phrase, “
This Machine Kills Fascists
,” a nod to “This Land is Your Land” legend Woody Guthrie and making a great gift for folksy and literary types alike.


Oliver Jeffers’ hand drawn “Places on Earth” print ($180) comes with a box of 202 push-pins: one red (headquarters), one blue (next target) and 200 black (global domination).


And while we’ve seen letterpress cards make the rounds before (Alison Riley’s Stop Talking cards make a succinct point), the Royal We’s All Occasions cards ($36)—thank you, sorry and fuck you—provide options for, well, all occasions.