1800 Milenio

The limited edition Cognac-finished tequila


First produced in limited quantities back in 2000, 1800 Tequila‘s Milenio is now returning to shelves in a second edition of their wildly successful super-premium tequila. Fine Blue Weber Agave undergoes an extensive extra-aging process before further maturation in French oak cognac barrels to make this high-end tipple. This translates to a robust nose of Cognac before a refined, exquisite sip of a very unique tequila. The additional aging adds a dynamic—almost verdant—character, not only blending with the existing vanilla and cinnamon flavorings found within the tequila, but also by creating an entirely new experience all the way through to the finish. Its deep amber color also calls to mind cognac, and acts as a reminder that this extra añejo can be enjoyed as a stand alone sipper.

Milenio is the finest spirit in the 1800 roster, with its blue agave roots grown on family-owned ranches and bottled in Jalisco, Mexico—sharing owners with Jose Cuervo and Maestro Dobel. While being full-bodied, the complex balance within the spirit lends itself to a delightful and easy high-end option for tequila drinkers looking for a new adventure.

1800 Milenio will be available at select stockists this April (with a wider release slated for May) for $125.

Photos by David Graver