Safiren Apt 606

Bombay Sapphire's invite-only bar hidden inside Stockholm's chic Story Hotel


Stockholm’s first and only members bar, the recently-opened Safiren Apt 606 serves up Bombay Sapphire-based drinks. Hidden within Stockholm’s stylish Story Hotel, Apt 606 offers members an urban retreat that even guests aren’t privy to.

apt-606-1.jpg apt-606-2.jpg

A gin heavily focused on quality both in taste and design (the brand has its own award for glass design), Bombay compliments the club’s smooth aesthetic well. Members can choose from a variety of top-notch cocktails including the tempting Bombay Sapphire Rose, the classic Dry Martini (favored by the late Queen Mother), and a take on Robert De Niro’s tipple of choice, the Bramble—with all the recipes published (with downloadble PDFs) on the Apt 606 site.

apt-606-6.jpg aptj-606-5.jpg

The bar itself, a low-key affair, mixes vintage curiosity items with modern luxury for a casually sophisticated feel, accented by fabrics in rich tones of oxblood, maroons and deep turquoise.apt-606-4.jpg

In keeping with the air of secrecy surrounding most bars of its ilk, Apt 606 doesn’t take applications. Instead, selected members receive a key to access the private bar. Tucked away from the main drinking space of the hotel, the slightly protracted entry process only makes for an even greater feeling of seclusion and privilege.