Ayala’s Herbal Water


While herbs have handily been cavorting with foodstuffs and teas over the years, water has been uncharted territory until now. Ayala's Herbal Water, one of the newest entries into the trend of water reinvention, is refreshingly tasty. While flavor combos like "lavender mint lemongrass thyme," "cinnamon orange peel" and "ginger lemon peel" might sound like an overpowering infusion, the effect is subtle, mellow and aromatic. Even better, all ingredients are organic with no artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives of any kind. And, just like famed NYC tap, Ayala's has no calories as well.

The Ayala behind the name is doctor and artist, Ayala Laufer Cahana. In seeking an alternative to sugar-laden, unhealthy beverages, she created the blends hoping to harness the power (and flavor) of herbs long known for their calming, stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities. In the same way that a hot cup of tea soothes in the winter, herbs can now do their thing on hot summer days.

Currently Herbal Water is only available in New York City and Philadelphia, but you can also order online to get this summer beverage delivered right to your door. A case of 12 is $24.