Café Luxe Kit

Coffee for design-minded gourmet campers


Coffee snobs don’t have many options when it comes to camping, a hobby dominated by single-serving packs of less-than-tasty instant brews. For those unwiling to sacrifice fresh brewed flavor on mountain treks (not to mention superior design), Snow Peak and Nau have teamed up to produce a limited edition collection of titanium café ware. Included in the upscale camping set are a lightweight French press, milk foamer and stacking mug—everything you need for a fireside cup of joe. Plus, the durable titanium will resist rusting, making this a generational investment that is sure to remain landfill-free.

Joining the French press, frother and mug is a stainless steel Japanese knife and wooden case, which opens to form a handy travel cutting board. Staying true to their northwestern roots, the brands have also brought in Stumptown Roasters to supply a bag of Organic Holler Mountain Blend, an international combination of South and Central American coffees with earthier Indonesian beans.

The Café Luxe Kit sells from Nau for $125.