Champagne Pommery’s “Louis Meets Poppy”

A short film and signature cocktail from the prestigious French house as they launch their first California sparkling wine

Maison Pommery‘s played an innovative role in the Champagne market since 1874—when Madame Pommery (wife of then deceased founder Louis Pommery) invented Brut Champagne. In more recent years, Pommery‘s graced guests of the estate with exemplary modern art exhibitions and released game-changing products like the mini bottle of Pop. Their most recent release, Louis Pommery, marks the maison’s first efforts at producing outside of the Champagne region. A vivacious, lively and refreshing sparkling wine, Louis is the vision of Champagne Pommery’s ninth cellar master, Thierry Gasco—who is developing products all over the world, commencing with this California addition. With a delightful balance of acidity and minerality, it’s composed of 96% Chardonnay and 4% Pinot Noir. It truly balances the French winemaking style with California terroir.

The maison has begun to spread the word about its new offering in various ways. One of which happens to be the short film “Louis Meets Poppy” debuting here today—it’s somewhat a love letter, of France to California and to the excitement one feels when discovering someone (or something) new and resonant. For those paying close attention you’ll also note a cameo from the one and only James F Goldstein. The film also happens to share a name with Louis Pommery’s debut signature cocktail—which begins bright and ends with the herbal notes of Grand Poppy Amaro. It’s quite easy to make at home and, at the Louis Pommery price point, it’s also accessible.

Louis Meets Poppy

.5 oz. Grand Poppy Amaro

Equivalent of one flute of Louis Pommery

In a large wine glass add 4 or 5 ice cubes, then add Grand Poppy Amaro. Stir to cool off the liquor. Add the Louis Pommery. Stir two times rapidly and garnish with flower petals.

Video and images courtesy of Champagne Pommery