Château d’Esclans Introduces a New Provence Rosé, The Beach by Whispering Angel

A well-priced addition to the award-winning portfolio of celebratory wines

Brand new to the market, The Beach by Whispering Angel is more than a well-priced evolution of the French winemaker’s beloved The Palm by Whispering Angel. From its light pink color to its bold aromatics and crisp expression on the palate, this Provence rosé embodies the spirit of summer and reaches the lofty expectations we’ve set for this wine category. Further, with this release, Château d’Esclans embarks on a path toward environmental responsibility (through sustainable packaging and lighter bottles) and partners with The Surfrider Foundation (a non-profit focused on preserving the world’s oceans) for coast-to-coast beach clean-ups and other collaborations.

As with everything else in the award-winning portfolio, the flavor profile here matters most. “The Beach by Whispering Angel rosé is from the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence appellation,” Paul Chevalier, Vice President Château d’Esclans at Moët Hennessy USA, tells COOL HUNTING. “It’s primarily a Grenache-based blend [with Cinsault and Syrah]. Fruit-forward, dry; yet round and easy drinking. This style of wine is very approachable to all consumers as well as being authentic in origin from our historical rosé producing region of Provence.”

“As it is safe to say that Whispering Angel played a major role in the ‘Rosé Renaissance’ in America (and around the world),” Chevalier continues, “it is important that we continue to lead the growth in this category through being authentic and educating about the virtues of the rosés from Provence we produce.” Because it is bright and fresh, “The new Beach by Whispering Angel is the perfect stepping stone to take newer consumers on the upward journey through the rosés in our Château d’Esclans family,” he concludes. With the onset of warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere, we couldn’t agree more.

The Beach by Whispering Angel will be available for purchase across the US on 1 May for $18.

Images courtesy of Château d’Esclans