Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

Lift unwanted splashes effectively and without peroxide, chlorine bleach or phosphates

Wine spills are inevitable. Yet, even a drop can cast a dark spell over a night out. And despite that, most wine drinkers bank on old household tricks or potentially harsh products to alleviate the problem. Remarkably, Chateau Spill works better than both. It breaks down pigment at a cellular level and lifts without damaging fabrics. While it does work on set stains, it’s far more effective when used quickly. We tested the product at CH HQ, on both wine and berry stains, and were beyond impressed. Especially because it allowed us to focus our energy on finding more excellent wines and then documenting them in our wine app.

“I am not a scientist but in a previous life I did lots of work with P&G and know that without science you quickly get found out,” Chateau Spill’s founder Harry Smail tells CH. “I needed to find a formula that could neutralize stains properly. So I did a whole bunch of research on what was needed—particularly how to remove a stain without the harsh chemicals like chlorine or peroxide that damage clothes and more. I found the base formula in a product that has long been used in hospitals and labs to remove stains from technicians’ hands. I optimized it for red wine and the final result was so much better than what was out there, so I decided to take it to market.” In addition to being effective, the packaging also resembles a wine bottle—removing it from the eyesore cleaning product category.

Purchase Chateau Spill online for $9.

Images by Cool Hunting