Chocolates for a Cause: Compartes Chocolatier and Relief Beads for Darfur


While having your cake and eating it too is a rare treat, compartes_2012_2005354.jpg


Like the sweet and savory appeal of the peanut butter truffle, the Smoked Salt flavor (Jonathan's persona favorite) combines a silky dark ganache with a hit of the puckering, savory seasoning.

Other options include more traditional pairings, like coffee, vanilla, hazelnut and caramel, but there are also several other more adventurous and seasonal varieties (Pomegranate and Plum, Violet Marshmallow, Peach and Rosemary) for those who like to experiment. With chocolate-dipped fruits, nuts, toffees and other treats, Compartes offers something for pretty much any palate.

Compartes Chocolatier
912 South Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049
tel. +1 310 826 3380