Choward’s Guava

An 80-year-old candy maker gives their classic confection a tropical twist


Since 1930, when Charles Howard first started peddling his “unique and different flavored” violet candy on Manhattan’s street corners, not much has changed in the brand’s line-up. Peppermint, lemon and spearmint have also been enduring options under the Choward’s label, but last year’s introduction of guava candy marks the first new flavor in over 50 years. The confection is a crowd-pleasing tropical flavor that wins points both for its softer texture as well as for a not-too-sweet but authentic take on the fruit.

For those looking for a non-minty way to freshen breath (what has made me a longtime fan of Violet Choward’s), Guava comes as a welcome addition to corner store shelves. Pick up a box of 24 for $13.50 from Choward’s directly or get a single pack for $.80 from Victory Seeds.