DonQ Master of All Skills

Take our culture quiz and compete to win a trip to Puerto Rico to experience the art of rum-making first-hand

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DonQ Master of all Skills

It’s one thing to master making a cocktail, and yet another to actually craft a spirit. Here at CH, we’ve experienced first-hand the skill and art that goes into creating a variety of our favorite drinks. The balance between rigorous dedication to tradition and having an eye on innovation is a principle that resonates just as much in the art and design world as it does in a distillery, which is why we’re excited to be a part of the Master of All Skills project. DonQ Rum, founded 146 years ago in Puerto Rico, offered us and a small group of other great sites the opportunity to work with them on crafting our very own rum. However, before anyone gets to celebrate the creation of our specially produced spirit, DonQ has an even more exciting opportunity for Cool Hunting’s readers.

DonQ tapped Cool Hunting to create a quiz that tests your knowledge of all things cultural, with the opportunity to win an exclusive party for you and 25 of your friends [Updated 10 February 2011: The party has been awarded but you still have the chance to win] a trip to Puerto Rico to experience the art of rum-making firsthand. For more information on prizes see the Master of All Skills site, and if you’re ready to take the challenge on, our quiz is waiting after the jump.

Take Cool Hunting’s challenge to find out how to add some flavor to your world. Successfully beat this quiz and you’re on your way to becoming the Master of All Skills: Culture. Prove you’re the Master of All Skills and compete for a trip to Puerto Rico to experience the art of rum-