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e4b Fruit Purées


e4b was started by mother and son team Lucia and Niko Klansek as a way for active and busy people to eat fresh fruit while on the go.

Using Japanese-made packages originally designed for NASA they are able to avoid using preservatives and additives of any kind. The screw-top packaging also maximizes the shelf life of the 100% pure fruit inside it.

Currently available in five varieties (strawberry banana, mango, pear caramel, kiwi and blueberry raspberry) these blended fruits (they are not juices) are great as snacks, sides, or on top of ice cream. They also can be used to make a tasty frozen slushy drink with the alcohol of your choice.

e4b products are available online and in supermarkets in the north east US (see site for details). A 12oz package is around $3.00.


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